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Bodybuilding: Everything You Need to Know About Bodybuilding (How to Quantify Your Bodybuilding and Transform Your Physiqu)

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Bodybuilding is a sport in which a person trains to increase the strength, build up muscle, and burn fat via exercise. Bodybuilders engage in strength training to stimulate muscular growth. A person following bodybuilding sports for fitness or competitive purposes usually uses protein shakes made of milk, eggs, soy products, and a variety of other whole foods.. Factors such as potential, overall appearance and motivation are equally important.

In this book i will walk you through simple exercises that will start you on the road to getting back into shape, without having to join a gym, and without having to use any weights. You will learn:

- Why bodyweight exercises are ideal

- How you can do a full workout in 10 minutes

- Which exercise will burn more fat than any other and why

- And how these exercises will lay a foundation that you can build upon and scale to more complex exercises

This book starts with, and then goes beyond a basic understanding of bodybuilding, to cover deep un-thought of details. You'll find nutrition information, supplementation, advanced training strategies, detailed workout programs, overlooked recovery strategies, bulking and cutting phases, developing mentality, whether or not to take steroids, deciding to compete, and so many training details essential to huge success in this sport.

ISBN-13: 9781774852828

Publisher: Andrew Zen

Publication Date: 11-13-2021

Pages: 190

Product Dimensions: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.40d