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How to Create an Online Course: The Beginner's Guide to Grow a Profitable Online Learning Business. Learn how to Make Money by Teaching and Selling yo

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Are you ready to sell your first online course?

We live in a fast world
Being able to include an important growth activity such as training, within our days, without necessarily having to give up obligations and needs, could really make our life easier.
Online training is accessible for everyone, everywhere
Whether we are at home or in our favorite Internet Caf , all you need is a PC and an Internet connection to comfortably access online lessons, study and at the same time enjoy the environment in which we find ourselves.

This is why it is estimated that online learning will exceed $240 billion by 2021

You will learn:

- How to teach online.
- How to select a topic.
- How to test your idea by creating a Beta version of your course.
- The equipment and software you need.
- How to make your lessons motivating.
- How to monetize and launch your course.
- Several marketing strategies.

...And much more

It is now very easy to create and sell a course online thanks to the new platforms and tools available on the web. Once the course is created, you can resell it over and over again and this will generate a passive income.

Creating an online course can be the first step to change your life forever.

I have read and met in person many online entrepreneurs who have gone from barely reaching the end of the month to making hundreds of thousands of dollars with their online business every year.
But all that glitters is not gold.
Success stories like these (as in the case of great sportsmen, for example) didn't come for a wish or a prayer but instead happen when a well-designed action plan is followed by actual action.
I firmly believe that anyone in the world can successfully create a profitable online course they just have to do their best for themselves and their business.

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ISBN-13: 9798683787011

Publisher: Independently Published

Publication Date: 09-11-2020

Pages: 110

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