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Toastie Construction Manual: 50 Illustrated Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes

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Lucy & Phyllis is a Certified B Corporation that meets the highest standards of social and eveironmental impact.

This is a cook book with a difference. It takes the toastie: staple, lunchtime marvel and perfect all-rounder, and makes it epic. Not with complicated processes or expensive kit, but with good components, solid technique and a diagram, because assembly matters. You don't just fling everything into a garage and hope a car drops out the end, so why would you attempt it with a sandwich?

Barny Luxmoore has been crafting and serving toasties for 10 years now while running street food truck The Jabberwocky. During this time he has won heaps of awards (including Best Toasted Sandwich at the 2015 Caf Life awards and best Sandwich at the 2020 Sandwich Awards) and has successfully made a living doing what he loves best: making toasties and serving them to people. When the festival season was unexpectedly wiped out by an intrusive and unwelcome virus in 2020, it seemed like a good time to finally put all those recipes on paper and share them with the world.

This book is two slices of street food soul (buttered on the outside - pro tip). It is not just a great gift for the toastie-lover in your life; it's also supporting a micro business whose livelihood has been pounded by the pandemic. It will make your life more delicious; your toastie machine more appreciated and brings you a step closer to oozy cheese nirvana.

ISBN-13: 9798552285709

Publisher: Independently Published

Publication Date: 11-12-2020

Pages: 140

Product Dimensions: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.30d