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Internet Radio 2016: How to build and launch your own Online radio station

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A practical guide describing how to plan, build and launch an Online Radio station, i.e. a Internet Radio station, which is simply one delivered by the internet, instead of over the airwaves. The book deals with licensing and copyright issues, with special sections on the major countries and territories and the differences between them. Internet Radio 2016 covers all technical requirements of the studio, playback equipment, automatioon and playout. Each item of studio equipment is discussed and appropriate recommendations are made. Special consideration is given to audio processing equipment; the discussion also includes the various internet transmission standards and protocols, plus the essential directory entries, without which a radio station will not be found. The book has comprehensive appendices, with web links shown to reach various suppliers and sources of more detail information. There is a wide ranging Glossary at the end of the book, covering all the jargon unique to the medium of online radio and streaming.

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ISBN-13: 9781900401111

Publisher: Broadcastdata Publications

Publication Date: 07-14-2016

Pages: 282

Product Dimensions: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.59d

Paul Rusling has worked in the radio broadcasting industry for over forty years, in front and behind the microphone. He trained as an engineer, worked as a disc jockey and then in radio station administration, becoming Chief Executive. He has been a director of 14 radio stations and broadcasting companies, in nine different European countries. The majority of projects with which he has been involved are international in natures, from his first ever broadcasts on Radio Caroline, which was located in International Waters (the North Sea) whose main audiences were in the UK, Holland, Belgium, France and Germany. Paul was involved in two of the earliest Internet Radio stations in the mid 1990s and he has since endeavoured to promote online broadcasting. As an engineer, he is acutely aware that the biggest barrier to the expansion of internet radio has been the lack of bandwidth and its poor penetration in some areas, especially rural parts, even in the UK. Now this situation is rapidly imporving, he is certain that Internet Radio will mushroom and become a huge growth industry.

Format: Paperback