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Waterfowl Hunting Made Simple

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Ever wonder how to get started doing something, but didnt exactly know where to start? Its a question I get fairly often, after completing one of my Hunter Education classes. It is for that reason, I put down my thoughts and related much of my personal experience in just one facet of many, on small game hunting. Waterfowl hunting is a sport Ive done for over fifty years. I spared you most of the mistakes Ive made over those years and compiled a method of getting started with waterfowl hunting that should be the simplest and least expensive on your wallet, getting started.

You will learn everything from how to select the correct firearms, choke usage, decoys and lots of other considerations for buying the right gear, best suited for where and what time of year you will be hunting. Youll learn some very basic method for decoy set-up and blind construction. Whether or not to get a good retrieving dog. And afterwards, youll learn how to clean and prepare your quarry for the table.

Make no mistake, this is just how to get started off on the right path. Itll be up to you, once youve gained experience, to delve further into this fun sport.

ISBN-13: 9781641384063

Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.

Publication Date: 02-27-2018

Pages: 70

Product Dimensions: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.19d