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Saving Seeds: The Gardener's Guide to Growing and Saving Vegetable and Flower Seeds

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Grow It, Save It!

Looking for something to add excitement and interest to your garden? Try raising and saving seeds for your own vegetables and flowers!

Saving seeds is a time-honored tradition that many gardeners are rediscovering. Anyone can become a successful seed saver — the only limitations are your time, space, and interest. And the benefits of growing and storing your own seeds are many:

* Save money on expensive yearly seed bills.

* Select seed from plants that have thrived in your particular growing conditions.

* Preserve old-time and regional favorites, including heirloom vegetables and flowers that your grandparents grew.

* Share seeds from your favorite flowers and vegetables with family, friends, neighbors, and other gardeners.

Detailed seed information for each vegetable and flower gives you everything you need to know about how to raise, harvest, and store seeds for a lifetime of fruitful home gardening.

ISBN-13: 9780882666341

Publisher: Storey Books

Publication Date: 01-03-1991

Pages: 192

Product Dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.06(h) x 0.50(d)

Series: Down to Earth Gardening Book Series

Marc Rogers has written the popular and useful Saving Seeds.