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Triplets? Relax!: Tips to Guide You Through the First Year, Sanity Intact

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Want to know how to feed more than one baby at the same time? Do you want to learn a routine that enables you to regularly get a good night's sleep? Are you someone looking for the perfect shower gift? Raising triplets during their first year has never been easier, thanks to Triplets? Relax In this accessible handbook, stay-at-home mom of triplets Victoria Adams shares valuable tips that are quick and to the point. The book is cleverly crafted to be an easy-to-read guide for new parents of triplets with limited time on their hands. There is no need to flip through the countless pages of a thick book or surf the Internet for hours on end. Triplets? Relax offers guidance on feeding, sleeping, scheduling, and more from your triplets' first day at home through their first year. Adams also includes a list of resources for parents, as well as a SPECIAL CHAPTER ON BREASTFEEDING AND PUMPING. Triplets? Relax will help parents of triplets to establish a daily routine that is efficient and manageable, giving them the tools to feel independent and in control while raising their precious trio. For more reviews and radio interviews about the book go to WWW.MULTIPLESRELAX.COM or http: //www.facebook./tripletsrelax. Please look inside the book's interior here on Amazon.. Review from National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs (NOMOTC): This mom of triplets has created a wonderful book filled with 'been there, done that' tips on planning for the arrival of triplets. The preparation of the house prior to the babies' arrival was paramount to the apparent smoothness of providing for the needs of the babies. Throughout the book, I was struck by the positive attitude of the author. She and her husband transformed their home into "baby zones" to care for their precious babies, two girls and one boy. I was amazed at the preparations and accommodations that were made. You can feel the cooperation and support for each other between these parents. You can read this superbly organized, well written book in one sitting. It is easily read, uses clear language and concise examples. This makes the book a wonderful reference for what to anticipate in that first year.

ISBN-13: 9780578099644

Publisher: Victoria Adams

Publication Date: 02-03-2012

Pages: 82

Product Dimensions: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.17d