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Turning into Dwelling

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A milestone publication of the late Christopher Gilbert's poetry, with an introduction by the National Book Award winner Terrance Hayes

Lord, the anguish of my Black block rises up in me

like a grief. My only chance to go beyond being breach—

to resist being quelled as a bit of inner city entropy—

is to speak up for the public which has birthed me.

To build this language house. To make this case. Create.

This loving which lives outside time. Lord, this is time.

—from "Turning into Dwelling"

Christopher Gilbert's award-winning Across the Mutual Landscape has become an underground classic of contemporary American poetry. Now reissued and presented with Gilbert's never-before-published last manuscript written before his death in 2007, Turning into Dwelling offers new readers the original music and vision of one of our most inventive poets.

ISBN-13: 9781555977139

Publisher: Graywolf Press

Publication Date: 07-07-2015

Pages: 176

Product Dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Series: Re/View Series

Christopher Gilbert is the author of Across the Mutual Landscape, winner of the 1983 Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American Poets. He died in 2007.

Table of Contents

Introduction Terrance Hayes ix

Across the Mutual Landscape

This Bridge Across 3

I Fire Gotten Brighter

Resonance 7

Pushing 8

And, Yes, Those Spiritual Matters 9

Marking Time 10

Muriel Rukeyser as Energy 12

She 14

Time with Stevie Wonder in It 15

Fire Gotten Brighter 17

II The Moment Getting So

Now 21

Exactly Passing Through (Horn Player) 23

Semiotic Function 25

Kite-Flying 26

The Surviving 27

Touching 29

Listening to Monk's Mysterioso I Remember Braiding My Sisters' Hair 31

III Horizontal Cosmology

The Backyard 35

The Moment Getting So 36

Fetish 37

Saxophone 38

Speaking Things 39

The Facts 40

IV Beginning by Example

Beginning by Example 51

Blue 53

Beginning by Destruction 54

Beginning by Value 56

Like 57

The Directions 59

Any Good Throat 60

Charge 62

Edges 63

V In the Mutual Landscape

The Clearing 69

Glimpses 71

Pitch 72

African Sculpture 77

Theory of Curve 78

Lottery 79

Chosen to Be Water 82

Glimpses of Power 83

Enclosure 90

How the Stars Understand Us 92

Kodac and Chris Walking the Mutual Landscape 93

Saturday Morning at the Laundry 95

Chris Gilbert: An Improvisation (Music of the Striving That Was There)

You, the Piece That Was There 101

I Steps and Transformations

Blues/The Blue Case against the Lack Of 105

The Art of Improvisers 107

Joseph Walking Light's Way Out of Time 109

Soweto, the Present Tense 111

The Atmosphere 112

The Turn 113

Bad 117

On the Way Back Home 119

A Passage 120

Tourist 121

Watermelon 123

Getting Over There 124

II Witnesses of the Striving That Was There

Willie's Fake Book 127

Pleasant Street 129

A Sorrow since Sitting Bull 131

Absentee Landlord 132

The "The" 133

Andy Warhol's Marilyn as Nigger 137

Wall 138

Straight Outta Truth 141

Zeus Getting the Last Word 143

A Woman's Boat Adrift in August 144

Beef (with Symbols) 146

Untitled 147

Society's Heroic Underdogs 150

For Instance, Genealogy 152

Chris Gilbert: An Improvisation 154

Metaphor for Something That Plays Us: Remembering Eric Dolphy 156

III Into the Into

Turning into Dwelling 161

Signature 163

Into the Into 164

Notes and Sources 181

Acknowledgments 183

Afterword Mary Fell 185