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Mythical Monsters

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• This volume is lavishly illustrated with images of the mythological (and not so mytholgical) creatures described the book. Another classic work brought to new life by Absolutely Amazing Ebooks

Dragons, unicorns, centaurs -- mythological monsters all, the stuff of legends and fanciful storytelling. Right? But what if there was a basis to many of these creatures, a reason for belief in dragons and such. Charles Gould approaches the subject as if it were everyday Natural History. He explores the historical context, the ancient manuscripts, the evolutionary evidence, the tales that have been handed down, and the little known facts. You'll enjoy Gould's theories and postulations, whether you agree with Gould or not. And you'll certain find all the illustrations, photographs, and diagrams fascinating.

ISBN-13: 9781530578191

Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing

Publication Date: 03-20-2016

Pages: 578

Product Dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.17(d)

The Author has to express his great obligations to many gentlemen who have assisted him in the preparation of this volume, either by affording access to their libraries, or by furnishing or revising translations from the Chinese, etc.; and he must especially tender his thanks to J. Haas, Esq., the Austro-Hungarian Vice-Consul at Shanghai, to Mr. Thomas Kingsmill and the Rev. W. Holt of Shanghai, to Mr. Falconer of Hong-Kong, and to Dr. N. B. Dennys of Singapore. For the sake of uniformity, the author has endeavored to reduce all the Romanized representations of Chinese sounds to the system adopted by S. W. Williams, whose invaluable dictionary is the most available one for students. No alteration, however, has been made when quotations from eminent sinologues like Legge have been inserted.